Auto Mechanical

Full services with diagnostic service resets and service book stamps. As an approved RMI workshop, we work with all major waranty/mechanical waranty organisations.

Auto Electrical

We have auto electricians that specialize in car sound/radio and alarm installations. Any auto electrical and wiring repairs.

Vehicle Diagnostics

With the latest diagnostic software and tools to make sure your vehicle is ready for the long road. These tools make fault finding and diagnosing your vehicle problems much faster.

Our Services


Our minor services is equivalent to a lube service or oil service. Which means oil and oil filter is changed, as well as additional lubing of doors, hinges, belts etc..


Major service will include the replacement of all filters as well as new timing belt, fan belt and belt tensioner if necessary. All bushes, rubbers, shocks are checked as well as brake wear. Coolant and other fluids are topped up.


Aside from brake pad replacement, we also skim the brake discs and repair or replace brake mechanical service parts. Brake fluid drain and top up is important. We do recommend certain brake pads over others.


Good quality shocks are long lasting and very important for vehicle safety.


We repair all electrical problems and electronics if possible. As well as electrical installations or improvements.


We use the latest diagnostic equipment and software that is updated annually. Diagnostic service or fault clearing is included in our minor and major services.


If your vehicle is smoking, leaking oil, overheating, engine noise or loss of power. It might be time to open up the engine. Most problems are solved with an engine head overhaul but when the problem is left for too long, a full overhaul might be necessary.


We strip and repair replaceable parts on gearboxes. We have suppliers who sell recon gearboxes which we get at very good prices. We also replace and repair linkage to the gearbox problems.


We have repaired many manual and electric windows in the past.
Steering wheel controls and horn repairs.
Audio and radio installations


Head light realignment and foggy head light polishing.
Globe replacements and tail light repairs.
Small scratches can usually be polished out, depending on how deep it is.
Sun roof repairs and replacements.
Door lock repairs and adjustments.